Breaking: New Rules for Tamil nadu Theatres!


Tamil Nadu Producer Council President Vishal Announced New Rules For Tamil Nadu Theatres :

1. No Selling tickets Above the Government Scheduled Price
2. Sell Items in the canteen on MRP price
3. Amma Water Bottles Should Be Supplied in all Theatres
4. Parking Charges as Per Govt norm.
5. Online booking charges will be Reduced soon
6.Viewers can take their own water inside.
7. Serious action will be taken if theatre caught selling more than govt price

New Ticket Prices :

Multiplexes – Rs.150 + GST Rs.42 (28%) – Total Rs.192
Other A/C theatres – Rs.120 + GST Rs.33 (28%) – Total Rs.153
Non-A/C theatres – Rs.80  + GST Rs.15  (18%) – Total Rs.95

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